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Success begins from within your company — deep within — through your ideas, products and services. Biotic creates the embodiment of your vision on the web, brings your brand to life, and boosts growth for your company with a marketing plan and new website.


Bright ideas,
Biotic helps them grow!

With extensive experience in branding, marketing, advertising, and technology, Biotic has the expertise to upgrade your company website, assist you with a marketing plan and target advertising to increase sales.  In concert with your marketing support, Biotic delivers technical services that simplify your work.

Does your company need effective marketing, branding, promotion, websites and internet presence?   Rest assured, Biotic will secure strong brand marketing and growth through contemporary design principles and technological advances.  Biotic drives your company internet presence, converts office paper into digital processes, and provides effective print and web based promotions.

Biotic was founded by Allen Galante, in Rochester, New York and now provides business services nationwide. With a dual degree in both artificial intelligence and computer information systems, he is agile at creating elegant systems. Not just a tech geek, Galante managed a design studio and was a senior marketing manager for world-wide technology products at Xerox. After a successful career as a senior manager in marketing, advertising, and internet services, he voluntarily left Xerox to forge an entrepreneurial service offering. Coupling his tech side with his marketing management expertise, he creates emotionally compelling brand materials. Want the nitty-gritty? View Allen's resumé»

Allen loves to understand his clients, their business, and how to help them achieve their goals. Do you desire a reliable and professional partner who can provide website, marketing and tech support? Contact Allen today »


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Biotic designs unique online experiences that look and function beautifully across many web devices (from the smallest smartphone to the highest resolution display). Your company has a vision, Biotic will digitize and share it with the world. Websites designed to the finest color tones and pixel perfect. Imagine what Biotic can create for you! Your company website will be uniquely designed to tell the world who you are, convey your value, and deliver a positive message that attracts customers. Help your company pick the best website provider,Contact Allen »

Biotic creates websites that align with your company image, color tones, and design.  Your website will be created using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Creative Style Sheets (CSS) and cohesive design principles (using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver software), to attract more clients to your company.

Biotic website services include:

  • Websites with responsive design for phones and tablets
  • Setup hosting, URL selection and e-mail management
  • Professional photos of your team, locations, products
  • Maintain your content management system (Joomla and WordPress expertise)
  • Develop your company brand and marketing materials tied to your website
  • Manage Search Engine Optimization with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines
  • Provide embedded email, forms, maps, video, and other widgets to connect with your clients
  • Assist with blast emails and social marketing to generate new customers

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Biotic marketing,
your business... everywhere!

On paper, online, anywhere, anytime, your consistent brand enhances your customer’s trust. While your company website works for you online, your marketing materials work for you in the mail, at events and on signage and displays. Customers want your company on paper to match what they see online. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, newsletters; Biotic delivers all of these so your customers experience the same great brand when they hold a piece of paper as when they are online.

Biotic Advertising and Marketing services include:

  • A logo and brand you love
  • Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, gift certificates, and presentation templates your company is proud of
  • Company brochures, products/services sheets, and price lists
  • Marketing materials with a consistent look to build your client’s trust
  • Manage your website presence so you can spend time on what you do best, running your business

Magnificent marketing is on its way,contact Allen today»


Biotic technical support,
reliable and trustworthy!

Biotic delivers digital services to improve your office and online processes. Integrate your business with your websites so customers can buy with ease and employees can sell more. Top technical support is on its way,contact Allen today »

Biotic technical services include:

  • Architecture and hosting of your company website and web-based email system
  • eCommerce so your customers can “buy now”
  • Management of your content management system (Joomla and WordPress expertise)
  • Training and optimization (helping you get the most out of your technology and simplifying your processes to increase your customer base)
  • Computer hardware and software selection to optimize your technology expenses
  • Organization of client information data for easy retrieval and follow-up
  • Software customization to help organize your document flow (ranging from spreadsheets to internet client tracking systems)
  • Digital infrastructure implementation (cost effective hardware and software selection and training)